Tunisia Cell Phone Lanyards
Tunisia Cell Phone Lanyards
Dye-sublimated lanyard with two sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Lobster Claw and Cellphone Loop Attachment.
Forever Custom Lanyards
Forever Custom Lanyards
Dye-sublimated Lanyard with two sided printing, length is 36"; width is 0.75", Plastic Lobster Claw and Cellphone Loop attachments.
GUANGGU Cell Phone Lanyards
GUANGGU Cell Phone Lanyards
Dye-sublimated Lanyard with two sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Plastic Cellphone Loop attachment.
Kutis Flower Cell Phone Lanyards
Kutis Flower Cell Phone Lanyards
Dye-sublimated Lanyard with two sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Plastic Cellphone Loop attachment.
SIYOTO Personalized Lanyards
SIYOTO Personalized Lanyards
Polyester Lanyard with one color two sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Plastic Cellphone Loop attachment.
Blackpink Fashion Lanyards
Blackpink Fashion Lanyards
Dye-sublimated Lanyard with two sided printing, length is 36"; width is 1", Plastic J-Hook and Cellphone Loop attachments.
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Cell Phone Lanyard

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  • SIYOTO Personalized Lanyards
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Cell Phone Lanyard

What is Cell Phone Lanyard?

Forever Custom Lanyards

With the development of the times and technology, the smart phone has become an indispensable electronic product in everyone's life. People often use their mobile phones to take photos, browse the news, shopping, and even pay for things.

There are many kinds of derivative products of the phone, and cell phone lanyard with card slot seems to be the most important one. The cell phone lanyard is hanging on the phone as decoration. It is convenient to carry and also keep your phone from getting lost. By using the cell phone lanyard, you can easily take out your phone to use anytime and anywhere.

What Makes Cell Phone Lanyard Attractive?

Tunisia Cell Phone Lanyards

1.Application Range

For those who want easy access to their phones without disturbing their daily activities, cell phone lanyard is the perfect solution. It's easy for the cell phone neck lanyard to keep your phone while you're climbing, cycling, dancing, or holding shopping bags with both hands. Hands-free and the phone secure function are the best merits we seek. It is detachable and easy to use, ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

Some mobile phone lanyards are equipped with convenient card pockets. Such a lanyard phone case is ideal for loading ID cards, work permits, credit cards, driver's licenses, student ID cards, access cards, cash or any card you want to carry with you. Cell phone lanyard is surely ideal for those who use their mobile phones or carry valuable equipment.


Lanyard for phone is workable in various colors and designs to match your personal style! The cell phone lanyard strap holds your phone firmly around your neck. The smartphone lanyard material is smooth and comfortable. These affordable price and colorful lanyards are available to everyone. The smartphone lanyard is beautifully designed to fit almost all sizes of phones. You can also treat the mobile phone lanyard as a fashionable item.

This kind of soft, lightweight phone lanyard allows you to wear comfortably certainly throughout the day, without sweat or dehydration. The lanyard is of good quality and very durable. It's easy to connect and unlock, making it easy and safe to take your phone. If the custom lanyard is long enough, it is practical, but if it is short enough, it won't be a hindrance when you work at heights. To own a mobile phone lanyard, you don't have to worry about your phone always breaking or losing.

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What Are the Types of Lanyard Attachments?

A suitable attachment can make your cheap custom lanyard looks unique. You can choose a specific attachment according to different requirements from the following chart.

lanyard attachments

What Makes Our Cell Phone Lanyard Cheap?

GUANGGU Cell Phone Lanyards

Primarily, there is no minimum order quantity for our cheap custom lanyards.

Then, after receiving the customer's order, our awesome team of designers will design the lanyard style for you free of charge. In addition, our company also provides free transportation service to the USA and Canada.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that we have our own factory, so there is no middleman to earn the difference price between us.

Choose us, you will get the best and most preferential custom ribbon.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

We have extensive experience in making a variety of cheap custom lanyards, such as lanyard phone holder, woven lanyards, badge lanyards, breakaway lanyards, and many other types of cell phone lanyards.

Our website has a rigorous and convenient self-service quotation and customization system. Please feel free to log in and pick the call lanyard here. All of the artwork and design provided by us are free of charge. Welcome to call or send e-mail to us if you have any problems with our website system and lanyard products. We hope to provide you with the best service so that you can rest assured to get your favorite lanyards.

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