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Personalized Lanyards in Bulk for Types

Breakaway Lanyard


1. Breakaway lanyard can be easily untied in an emergency. So it is very safe and convenient. 

2. It is extremely suitable for factory workers, outdoor enthusiasts and little children.

3. We provide free artwork and free shipping so that you can get cheap lanyard from us.

breakaway lanyards

ID Lanyard

1. ID lanyard at a low price is suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as schools, companies, big conferences and so on. 

2. It's a status symbol and a small way to ensure security.

3. You can easily fix the student ID card, work permit, bank card on the lanyard.

ID lanyards

Cell Phone Lanyard

1. It becomes more and more popular over the world now since all of us use cell phones frequently every day.  By using this cheap lanyard, you can free your hands and get your phone easily.

2. It can not only hang cell phones but also decorate our clothes. 

3. It is beautiful and practical in our daily lives.

Cell Phone Lanyard

Lanyard Keychain

1. It is quite useful and convenient to hang keys or other small items on the keychain lanyard. 

2. This kind of high-quality lanyards at low-cost may become a necessity item in your life since it is pretty and useful.

3. There are many kinds of colors, raw materials, attachments for you to choose from. 

Key Lanyards


What are Custom Lanyards?

A custom printed lanyard is made of various yarns with personalized custom logo. It can be used to hang mobile phones, ID cards, work permits, student ID cards and many other items. Custom lanyard is the best universal tool in life. The good quality lanyards can be used for 5-10 years without being broken or damaged. And screen printing process ensures that your imprint logo and name are not erased. The main goal of custom printed lanyard is to help users achieve hands-free, identity recognition and help marketing.

Why more and more people make custom lanyards online? They are versatile, durable and suitable for all types of people. After that, the most vital reason is cheap which can save budgets. CheapCustomLanyard.com, is a professional lanyards customization website. In addition to the popular printed lanyards types on the market, it can also provide extra-long, widened and embroidered lanyards. Our lanyards accessories are complete. Only you can't think of it, we can't do it without us.

Heart Lanyards

Why We Guarantee the Custom Lanyard is Cheap?

Factory Price

 Factory Direct Price 

Our own factory has a certain scale and our employees have rich production experience. Therefore, there is no middleman to earn the price difference between the customer and our company. You can rest assured that all of the custom lanyards sold to customers are guaranteed to be factory direct prices.

 No Minimum

No Minimum Order 

It is worth mentioning that there is no minimum order quantity request for your lanyard orders. Therefore, you can place an order according to the actual requirements. Therefore, it will save your budget and will not cause any unnecessary waste.

Free Design

Free Design 

If you don't have a graphic designer in your company, it is very expensive to ask someone to design the lanyards separately. But our company will provide you with a free artwork service. Our talented design team will design the best lanyards for you in the least amount of time for free thus saving you time and money.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

All of the lanyard orders are shipped free of charge to the United States or Canada via FedEx. This will save you a lot of money in shipping costs. As for shipment except for the USA or Canada, please contact us for shipping charges.


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What Are the Features of Cheap Custom Lanyard?

Based on the material, the lanyards for sale can be divided into two parts: polyester lanyards and nylon lanyards. To sum up, polyester lanyards are more advised due to low price with high-quality.

Polyester Lanyards VS Nylon Lanyards

Polyester Lanyards: 

1.  The price of is at low cost due to craft and design. For customers with limited cost budgets, we recommend this lanyard. It is the best choice to save money and also benefit your business. 

2. High-quality, it turns out that polyester lanyards are the most durable lanyards. You can find the perfect cost and functions balance with polyester cool lanyards.

3. One of the biggest merits is that polyester lanyards come in a variety of colors. You can choose eye-catching colors to make the pretty lanyard unique.

4.  Strong sweat absorption. Ideal for outdoor workers as well as athletes and more.

Nylon Lanyards:

1. Nylon Lanyards are thick and they have certain hardness. They are not easy to be deformed, suitable for long-term use since the material of high quality.

2. They are smooth, shiny, comfortable to wear and quite upscale. The unique personalized lanyards will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. The cost of nylon lanyards is higher than polyester lanyards, so the selling price is relatively expensive. Nylon lanyards are more suitable for formal occasions such as large meetings and sports events.

4. The weaving is tight, therefore, the nylon lanyards appearance is exquisite and every detail is perfect.

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Why You Need Cheap Custom Lanyard?

SUBARU Custom Lanyards

Whether it is for organization, business or schools events,wholesale custom lanyards will be your first choice.  Because of its high usage rate, it is not easy to lose. Many groups and schools customize custom lanyards at low cost based on their logos, mission statements, and names. Custom lanyards also come in almost all colors and print fonts. It's not difficult to see why lanyards are popular. They're durable and easy to use. We can process the lanyards according to the features of your brand. Now let us take the custom corporate ID lanyard as an example for further information.

Smart companies will not miss any chance to increase their brand awareness. Every company has a culture, and brand identity is a key component. Custom ID lanyard helps company owners determine how employees and customers view a group. Requiring employees to wear a custom lanyard can help to strengthen your company's brand image.

Especially when employees meet with customers, brand ID lanyards can help them create a more professional image. Besides, it can be used as a gift to your qualified customers. Therefore, it makes sense to choose an exclusive lanyard. And it can provide security and more exposure for your business.

Afterward, it is versatile and valuable if you consider using it for promotional purposes. Because the custom lanyard is in low cost and won't affect your budget. Have you ever thought of giving a special gift to your family and friend? We suggest you choose our cheap custom lanyard. You can easily custom a lanyard by paying less money. It also helps you to balance your budget with cheap lanyards. This is attractive.

Why Choose Us?

Free  Artwork

High Quality

Free Shipping

Cheap Guarantee

 No Minimum

    Free Artwork        High Quality     Free Shipping    Cheap Guarantee No Minimum

The entire custom lanyard no minimum can be customized to your highest requirements. The customized options are available for a variety of clips and accessories, depending on your preference. We have always beaten our competitors with high-quality products at affordable prices.

We will not only provide you the best service. Besides, we have a professional team to provide artwork and design for your order free of charge to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the design before we put your lanyard into production.

Besides, our company has a convenient self-service custom lanyard design system. You can customize your cheap custom lanyards by logging into our website anytime. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

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